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My daughter was a high school junior attending school online. As everyone knows, online learning can be extremely challenging. My daughter was frustrated, feeling burned out and was falling behind. Fortunately we were referred to Lindsay and she began tutoring my daughter weekly in AP English. I cannot express how grateful we are to Lindsay. Lindsay brought AP English to life for my daughter. Lindsay has a very clear style of communicating. She immediately puts her student at ease. She is extremely organized during each session and sets an agenda and goals for each session, making great use of the time. My daughter always had a great sense of accomplishment at the end of a tutoring session and felt optimistic about accomplishing her work in the class. My daughter finished with a solid grade in the class and was accepted to college with an academic scholarship. We highly recommend Lindsay!

Amanda S. / Los Angeles, CA

Lindsay did an awesome job with my son on CSHPE prep. She fit us into her schedule quickly and she came highly recommended. We are in Texas and she did everything via Zoom. My son is the type that would find 100 reasons to get out of something where he isn't inspired or finds it boring. He made sure I knew that Lindsay was doing great and he jumped on his zoom sessions without a reminder even. He is a 10th grader and came out of the test feeling like he passed it all with Lindsay's help. We will use Strongin Learning from here on SAT/ACT, college prep, essays and anywhere my kids need a little extra help. We highly recommend Lindsay. Fantastic work!

Shelley W. / Austin, TX

Lindsey has tutored me from middle school all the way through college. She has a such a good tutoring strategy that can be used with any subject. She even helped me get into Loyola Marymount University by helping me with my college applications.

Dave D. / Calabasas, CA

I was lost and did not know what to do since I was a first-generation college international student who had just graduated from CSULB with a philosophy degree. I was seeking help, and, luckily, I met Lindsay. She can help high school students with SAT preparation and college application, but she was also able to help college graduates who are pursuing higher degrees. She told me the differences between a personal statement for undergrad college applications and a Statement of Purpose for a Master's Degree application. She helped me with program research, helped refine my CV, and tailored my statement of purpose to fit with the different Master's programs. Thanks to her support and help, USC Gould School of Law admitted me, and I will start there this coming August (2022). If you need any sort of help, she is the one to support you!

Zhongliang G. / based in LA, CA originally from China

As a high school senior who hadn't taken his ACT yet or applied for college, I was very stuck. I needed immediate help, so I contacted Ms. Lindsey for some help. She was very helpful and spent hours on end to help me raise my 25 on the ACT to a 30. Using this score I applied to college with her assistance as well and was admitted to USC Viterbi School of Engineering. This school had been my dream school since forever, and I'm very grateful for Ms. Lindsey's help!!!

Greg / Los Angeles, CA

Sarah was so happy when she got her SAT scores! She got 80 more on reading and 70 more on math than last time! We are thrilled for her and can't thank you enough! We'll be coming back for college app essay help!

Whitney / Burbank, CA


Lindsay is fabulous!!!! Highly recommend her for these reasons: 1. She helped my daughter raise her SAT scores 150 points after 4 sessions, 2. Currently she is helping my daughter with her college essays and 3. Lindsay is very professional, always on time and flexible when we need to adjust time slots. Many, many thanks, Lindsay

Whitney C. / Burbank, CA

"My 6th grader received math tutoring from Lindsay. She was a tremendous help! We contacted her mid-way through the school year, and my son ended up getting an A in math. I don't think that would have happened without her help. And the best part is that my son actually liked his lessons with her. I would strongly recommend Lindsay!"

Joan Rantz / Los Angeles, CA

Lindsay is not only helpful with class assignments, but she also has been of great help with midterms/exams and even my college applications. She breaks down what seems impossible or confusing into guided steps that make assignments really manageable.

Natalie K. / Studio City, CA

I would highly recommend using Lindsay with Strongin Learning.  She has helped my daughter with tutoring, SAT prep, college applications, college essay and organization.  Most importantly, she has built my daughter's confidence.  Lindsay has given 125%.  Can't say enough about how fortunate we are in having Lindsay's help this past year. She even helped me by answering my questions, which every parent must have, in terms of what's the next step when your child receives acceptance letters.  She is the BEST!!!!

Sandra B. / Burbank, CA

Lindsay is amazing! She spent the right amount of time going over content - structure - and helping him create the best plan to utilize the full amount of time for the 3 1/2 hours.  They worked through information  that he had not yet learned in school and quickly helped him master it.  She quizzed him and worked through areas that could pose any issues.  Cameron was well prepared, confident and PASSED on his first try.  Thank you Lindsay!  Could not recommend more!!

Andrea J./ Northville, MI

Lindsay was exactly what we were looking for. We needed solid essay writing support - and she absolutely delivered. She helped my son fine-tune his essays - while keeping them true to his voice and message. He thoroughly enjoyed working with her and her support was extremely helpful. She really helped alleviate a great deal of stress. College essay writing time is not easy - Lindsay's help was invaluable. I HIGHLY recommend Lindsay Strongin!

Erika E. / Los Angeles, CA

Lindsay is a very responsible and effective tutor. She was great at accommodating our son’s needs, both academically and also social and emotionally. She helped our 6th grader a lot, especially with his writing, but in math as well. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone who needs a tutor.

Yasemin Sarikaya / Hancock Park, CA

We are so pleased with the tutoring that Lindsay has given to our child, Shemar during the last year. Originally he was struggling with math, reading comprehension, and spelling. He is now doing great, and enjoys school! Lindsay is patient, loves working with kids, and super smart. Book her, you'll be very happy!

Corey & Melissa H. / North Hollywood, CA


“Right now, with the school closed due to Coronavirus, our son still needed help in math. Lindsay tutored him via video call over Facebook Messenger because we do not have an iphone and it was as good as when she's at our house. He was so confident by the end of the session that he was finishing her sentences, telling her how to do the problems before she even needed to explain it! We're very impressed. 


We've been with Strongin Learning for years of tutoring. Shemar began needing help in 3rd grade and every time we come back for help, Strongin Learning has been great."

Corey & Melissa H. / North Hollywood, CA

Lindsay is a highly effective tutor who shares her knowledge freely with students, helps them break down difficult concepts and guides them in studying for tests.  When my daughter needed help in school from someone other than mom, I called Lindsay.  My daughter enjoyed working with Lindsay and found her to be personable, organized and fun to be around.  Lindsay helped my daughter build writing skills and study for biology tests.  I find Lindsay to be a proficient writer who is able to walk students through essay assignments, show them how to frame and organize arguments, support theses with evidence, and use clear language to effectively communicate their ideas.  As a USC graduate with honors in Communication, Lindsay has demonstrated that she can master even the most rigorous academic material, clearly communicate her ideas and work with students from beginning to advanced.  I have referred Lindsay to many middle and high school families who have found her to be a great generalized homework helper. She is honest, ethical and truly cares about her students."

Pam Bassuk / The Burbank Tutor / Burbank, CA

Lindsay has been my tutor since the beginning of high school and she has done nothing but help me throughout my academic journey with whatever possible need I could have. Specifically, she has helped me with all of my writing assignments from my English class essays to my college essays. Without her I honestly think I would've been behind. Lindsay is god-send, I recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their studies.

Suzy D./ Calabasas, CA

Lindsay is an amazing tutor, so friendly and knowledgeable. My daughter loves working with her. Lindsay has helped with strategies and helped my daughter become so much more confident in test taking.

Stacie W. / Los Angeles, CA

"Hi Lindsay, I just wanted to say that I appreciate all that you've done for me for the past 4 years. I've improved my math skills so much over the years. I couldn't have done it without your guidance! I'm submitting my application today for college. Thank you for being part of my high school journey."

Michelle P./ Sun Valley, CA

Lindsay is a great tutor.  She is professional and really cares about what she is doing. I would highly recommend her.  Thank you Lindsay!

Mindi / Burbank, CA

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