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Strongin Learning is a specialized tutoring organization founded by Lindsay Strongin, a USC alumnus, writer & creator of the essay-writing E-Guide, The Perfect Paper, and all-around expert in institutional learning.


As one of those kids who actually liked school, and a full believer in the value of a quality education, Lindsay became a tutor to help students of all ages not only keep up with school, improve their grades, and overcome learning challenges, but also to spread the joy of learning. School does not have to be torturous or scary, and it is this approach that allows Lindsay to truly change the game for students.


Here at Strongin Learning, we focus on each and every student's individual needs. We tutor all ages and grade levels (including college and graduate students!). Whether it's homework help, standardized test prep and test taking strategies, college applications (for grad school apps as well!), math/english/history/science or other subject help, reading comprehension, writing, organizationtime management, and more, we will work with each student in an encouraging and supportive way until every parent or student has met their academic goals.

And we have a 100% success rate! Check out our testimonial page to hear our students' success stories.

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