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January 01, 2020

Free Tips and Tricks!

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Need Help on that Bibliography?

You've just spent hours, maybe even days writing your essay! You're finally done!  But...oh wait. You still have that bibliography/works cited page left.  A bibliography is a grueling process that takes a long time, especially when you consider there are different formats for different styles of writing...APA, MLA, etc.
It can be hard to remember all the rules for formatting. Luckily, the internet has a plethora of resources available.
Though there are websites that make a bibliography for you, we recommend learning how to write one yourself.  You can find every rule for citations and proper writing formatting here:

Bibliography Generator

So you've tried to write a bibliography yourself, and you get it. But you have other work to do and this bibliography is taking way too long! Not to worry, there are some websites out there that will generate it for you, and you can just fill in the necessary information.

Writing Rules

It can be hard to remember how to cite resources within an essay, or where commas go and how to write out large/small numbers. Find the answer to any question you have about writing rules here:

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